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“I often come across misunderstandings about my work, sometimes negatives slide into comments, but I don’t care so much, I just continue to do what I like, and all these observations only strengthen me”
EVA GURARI – Musician, Photographer, Beautymaker. Tel Aviv, Israel.
“When I was a child I secretly brought my favorite dress to kindergarten and changed after my parents left”
KATARINA ZAZA – Fashion Account Manager at Vice, Berlin.
“Afro, Bohemian, Boho-Chic, Hippie, Bon Ton, Country, Rasta, Hip-Hop, Dandy, Gothic, Sadomaso, Grunge, Garage, Hipster, Navy, Preppy, Punk, Rock, Skater, Street, Urban, Indie. Put all together, add colours, some fantasy, a smile…That’s my style..”
LUCIANO PARISI – Creative Director, Milan.
“I realized that everything is fantasized in order to sell a story. At the end of the day it’s all marketing”
LOEJJIE – Shapeshifter, New York.

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“I feel like I’m not born in the right century…I have grunge, new wave and punk inspiration. I wish I could live in the 90s! The music, the fashion…it inspires me everyday.”
JULIETTE – Animation Student, Vincennes, France.
“Art is to think, to develop. Art is always in the process, always becoming. Art is introspection. Art is the process where fantasy becomes reality. It shows the direction where the world goes.”
JAMIE TRAVEZAN – Image Maker, London, UK.
“Denim and cars have played a huge part in my life. Growing up it was all about wheels. Skateboards, bikes, old cars, loved them all.”
ANDY PALTOS – Co-founder & Designer, Rolla’s Jeans, Melbourne, Australia.
“Think on your sins, time is a gentleman.”
ALBERTO DEGA – Businessman, Padova, Italy.
“I always try to showcase reality parallel to the fantasy, and create an adaptation of a real character. I find reality fascinating.”
VESA PERAKYLA – Fashion Stylist & Creative Director, London, UK.

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